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Small town flavor; Book review of ‘Hello Fabulous!’ by Jason Tanamor

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Moline, Illinois is a small town (according to Wikipedia it has about 44,000 residents) where points of interests are the John Deere headquarters and the Southpark Mall. Not necessarily a place where a fictional famed music festival featuring various groups with gay leanings might want to congregate – especially if said festival has always been held in Las Vegas. However in Hello Fabulous! Moline does have large flamingo and a favorite son, Spencer Gayman who started the festival and whose uncle is the current mayor.

Hello Fabulous! was a good effort, but not of my liking. I thought it set up some interesting premises but didn’t follow through in the storylines. For instance, one of the characters, Bob, resembles Gayman and in this day and age of electronic media is treated (and Tweeted) like a celebrity because everyone assumes he is the real McCoy. Gayman doesn’t get his panties in a twist over the alleged sightings until he realizes that his doppelganger is ruining his reputation by shopping at K-mart and going to the local hardware store. At first Bob doesn’t realize why he is garnering such platonic female interest along with free dinners and drinks until someone literally tells him. After some debate he decides to play along with faux celebrity status until he is outted.

What I did like about the story is that I thought it had an interesting premise about an annual Conchella like festival with gay themes transplanted to a community not known for hosting large music festivals or overly gay friendly atmospheres. However I did not think Tanamor provided the framework for such a story needs to succeed. You can’t just throw out a large metal flamingo and hope it flies. You also can’t have someone described as a world famous celebrity and a regular Joe Smoe unfamiliar with the resemblance – especially if he is from the same town.

I think Hello Fabulous! could be a better story in novel form, but it didn’t work for me as a digital download short story.

Happy reading!

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