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Small, scared dog in need of rescue from animal control agency

CACC Transfer Team

A lovely, cream-colored Chihuahua is waiting to be rescued from the Chicago Animal Care and Control in Illinois.

At the facility, she is known only by her identification number A106193 - her name and her age, are unknown. The only "facts" about this little girl are the following...she is "rescue only" and she was listed as "property" as of April 19.

A few tidbits can be gleaned from the little dog's photo - she appears to be frightened and confused - her nails are too long, and the fur beneath her eyes is dirty - indications that her prior owner did not provide stellar care.

Please take a moment to network on this dog's behalf - she is much more than just "property" and she deserves to have the chance to live out the rest of her life.


  • Facebook thread here
  • Female - age unknown
  • A106193_cport
  • These animals are RESCUE ONLY and available to all approved Homeward Bound partners. Why rescue only?
  • WANT TO PULL FROM THIS SHELTER: If you’re a rescue group that wants to apply to pull from Chicago ACC, please fill out a Homeward Bound Application below and fax to 312-747-1409 along with your IL Dept. of Agriculture License and 501c3.

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