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Small Press Spotlight: UNBRIDLED BOOKS

This week, I am happy to spotlight one of my favorite of the small presses: Unbridled Books. You may recall that I recently reviewed Captivity by Deborah Noyes, which is an Unbridled Books title. You can always count on top-notch fiction from Unbridled, so I have been anxious to learn and share more about them here in the Spotlight! Toward that end, I had the pleasure of doing an email interview with Caitlin, the marketing director at Unbridled Books. Thanks for your time, Caitlin!


Unbridled Books was founded by Greg Michalson and Fred Ramey, who have worked together since the early 1990's. According to Caitlin, Greg and Fred "consider their publishing as an extended conversation about what makes a great book great." And they bring that philosophy to every book that they publish. Unbridled Books is unique in that it is a virtual company. All Unbridled business is conducted online and what they save in daily overhead they can spend on marketing the work of their authors. Genius! Unbridled Books supports their authors in every way and sticks with them for their careers. Caitlin says that their mission is simple: "Unbridled Books publishes modern classics, books to savor, re-read, and keep." That, of course, is music to the ears bibliophiles everywhere. I think that this blurb from their website puts is best... and best captures my personal experience with Unbridled Books' quality:

Unbridled Books is a premier publisher of works of rich literary quality that appeal to a broad audience. We want to be able to continue our longtime discussion about what allows a novel to touch our hearts and our minds at once. And we want our readers, booksellers, and reviewers to trust that when they pick up an Unbridled book, we’re inviting them to enjoy that rarest of pleasures, a good read."

That really says it all, doesn't it? Unbridled Books' real strength lies in their ability to build lasting relationships: lifelong relationships not only with their authors, but also with their readers. And that's why I love Unbridled Books.


Unbridled Books publishes 10-15 books per year, including reprints. Recently, they have added a subscription plan, which I asked Caitlin to describe. "By going the subscription route, we are offering readers a special service, something unique." she says. "It creates a greater bond with our readers. The subscription is something that creates a conversation about our books, encourages early reads and therefore word of mouth. Ultimately, I think this subscription will drive sales to bookstores." According to the Unbridled Books website, this is how it works:

  • Get six new releases in your yearly subscription for $100 or three new releases for $60 (shipping is included)
  • Selections ship pre-publication
  • Receive one Unbridled backlist title free as a thank you for the subscription
  • Receive 25% all Unbridled Books purchase for the duration of your subscription
  • Get a subscribers-only e-newsletter twice per year.

Seven books for $100 and 25% off of everything else from one of the best boutique publishers out there? I signed up this morning and I hope you will too! What a fantastic way to support a quality small press and grow an amazing library at the same time. Here's a link to the subscription page.


Not sure where to start and you haven't subscribed yet? If you are looking for an assortment of books to introduce yourself to Unbridled Books, here is Caitlin's suggested reading list, a blend of books which she says well represents what Unbridled does:

Here's what she had to say about them: "This spring, we are excited about THE SINGER'S GUN, which was the #1 Indie Next Pick for May and which has earned rave reviews in the Los Angeles Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and more. We are also excited about CAPTIVITY, the newest novel from Deborah Noyes, which is earning tremendous reviews and which is sparking great attention because of its fictionalized account of the Fox Sisters. TAROKO GORGE by Jacob Ritari is due out in July--and it is a page turner of a read about three Japanese school girls who go missing on a senior trip to Taiwan and who were last seen by two American journalists. TAROKO GORGE is also earning great reviews and generating a lot of interest, in part because it is so thought provoking and written by a 22 year old. This fall, we are thrilled to welcome back Joyce Hinnefeld, author of the much loved IN HOVERING FLIGHT, with a new novel entitled STRANGER HERE BELOW. We have also had a wonderful early response to SAFE FROM THE SEA, a first novel by Peter Geye, which is about a Great Lakes oarsman reconciling (one hopes) with his son." How's that for a summer reading list? Go to it!


Unbridled Books' website is their literal home and can be found at As a virtual company, they have also learned to make the most of social media and can be found at all of the following social media sites:

Unbridled Books on Twitter

Unbridled Books on Facebook

Unbridled Books on MySpace

Unbridled Books on GoodReads

Unbridled Books on LibraryThing

Unbridled Books on Shelfari

Unbridled Books on Flickr

Unbridled Books on YouTube

Unbridled Books on Vimeo

Unbridled Books on Gather

If you can't stay up-to-date with Unbridled Books, you must not know how to operate a computer. Go on... look 'em up and start building your own relationship with one of the best of the small presses.


  • Cindy 4 years ago

    Does the author pay to have their book printed by Unbridled Press? I can't figure this out from the website. Thanks!

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