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Small Press Spotlight: Ahsahta Press

Welcome to this week's Small Press Spotlight! Have you taken the time to check out our previous participants? This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Janet from Ahsahta Press, a small non-profit poetry press associated with Boise State University. Here's what she had to say:

Tell us a little about Ahsahta Press and its mission.

Ahsahta believes that poetry is art, above all else it might be, so we look for work that takes artistry seriously. We stay away from the trends & gimmicks & look instead for work that has a surprise in store.

How many books do you publish per year, on average?

Seven. We release two books each in September, January, and March, with the final book out in May.

Where can readers log on to keep up with what’s new at Ahsahta Press?

We’re on Facebook as Ahsahta Press, online at, and at that web address one can also sign up to get our monthly newsletter.

Are there any current or forthcoming titles that you would like to mention that you feel particularly represent the best of Ahsahta and the work that you are doing there?

Short of mentioning them all? OK. Current: Julie Carr’s 100 Notes on Violence, Kate Greenstreet’s The Last 4 Things (with a DVD), Susan Tichy’s Gallowglass. Forthcoming: Brian Teare’s Pleasure, Kirsten Kaschock’s A Beautiful Name for a Girl, Lisa Fishman’s Flower Cart.

Does Ahsahta Press have a subscription service?

Yes. In August, we run a sale on subscriptions (7 books for $90, saving $32 off list; previous subscribers get additional discounts). The subscription is open year-round, but it’s less in August.

Have your books won any literary prizes or honors?

Ahsahta Press books have won the James Laughlin Award, the Northern California Book Award, the Georgia Book of the Year Award. We run the Sawtooth Poetry Prize annually between Jan. 1 and March 1; our judge in 2011 will be Paul Hoover.

My sincere thanks to Janet for taking the time to tell us about the work they're doing at Ahsahta Press. Poetry lovers: be sure to stop by the links above and check them out!


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