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Small Kansas horse rescue is rehabilitating one horse at a time

B&C Equine Rescue Inc. exists to save animals and to secure good lives for horses through rehabilitation and adoption. A Kansas article on of Aug. 30 highlighted this small rescue operation and their efforts to convalesce needy horses. Their heroic work has been successful one horse at a time.

A shelter in England gets a starving horse
A shelter in England gets a starving horse
Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images
Thin, neglected horses such as this pair would be happy to live at B&C Equine Rescue
Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images

Owned and operated by Brenda and Cecil Grimmett, B&C Equine Rescue was founded in 2007 on about 14 acres Carbondale, Kansas, in honor of Brenda’s beloved first horse who finally succumbed to old age at 38.

The Grimmetts have completed numerous horse adoptions over the years, but the couple realizes that there are way more horses in dire need of help. They get their horses at their shelter from owner surrenders, by law officials and humane society interventions.

It is next to impossible for the Grimmetts to understand how and why people permit their animals to fall into such poor health and condition. Many of the animals were in an appalling physical shape when they arrived at B&C. Perhaps the kindest thing to say is that their condition resulted from the owners’ lack of education.

Says Brenda Grimmett,

If you are going to have an animal, take care of it or rehome it. Don’t blame the lack of care on the recession or anything else. There’s help out there. How can you look at an animal starving and ignore it?

She emphatically continues,

And that goes for all animals, not just horses.

At this time, B&C Equine Rescue is near capacity – twenty horses and ponies, four donkeys and one mule call the shelter home. Hopefully a lucky number of them will find loving adoptive homes where they can spend out their natural lives.

Brenda is able to trim most of the horses’ hooves, sourcing out any difficult corrective work.

Running the rehabilitation shelter is costly with grain expenses over $1,200 monthly. Veterinary bills really take a toll on the Grimmetts’ finances. Therefore, the rescue works hard at fundraising and thankfully receives some donations and adoption fees. Much of the feed and hay is presently donated. Since B&C Equine Rescue obtained nonprofit status recently, all donations are now tax deductible.

The Grimmetts are especially grateful for the community service work contributed by volunteers for training, animal care and rehabilitation work.

B&C Equine Rescue is located at Carbondale, Kansas, on West 125th Street. Any donations, horse sponsorships or services would be sincerely appreciated. Further information is available at or its Facebook page

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