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Small dog plunges 15-stories down vent shaft in apartment building

Maltipoo rescued from vent-shaft
Maltipoo rescued from vent-shaft
Screen shot via CNN

According to Saturday's CNN News, a woman's dog survived an incredible fall through an air-conditioning vent in a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., high-rise apartment.

The death-defying plunge took place on Friday evening after an inquisitive Maltipoo named "Susie," followed her nose into the closet of Elaine Caralis' neighbor's apartment, which is on the 16th floor of the building.

Caralis, Susie's guardian, stated:

"(Susie) walked into the closet and fell down into the exhaust shaft,"

Caralis feared the worst after the terrifying fall; a Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue team responded and worked for three hours to free the little dog from the shaft.

Amazingly, Susie was still alive.

Caralis commended the rescuers' efforts - she told CNN:

"I don't have children,

"so Susie is my life, Susie is my family. They treated it like they were searching for a human being.

Susie left by ambulance to the Oakland Park Animal Hospital where a veterinarian voiced his amazement over Susie's condition...he described her survival and unbelievable lack of serious injuries "a miracle."

Aside from bruising, Susie is expected to make a full recovery.

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