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Small dog disappears after chasing away burglars

Lost dog Hope
Lost dog Hope
Family photo via KHOU News

Update! Hope was found by a good Samaritan and has been reunited with her family.

According to Tuesday's KHOU News, a small dog with the heart of a lion is missing in Houston, Texas, after chasing after burglars who broke into her guardian's home on Monday afternoon.

The brazen crime took place in broad daylight at a home located in the 9600 block of Richmond Avenue; the thieves kicked in the front door and proceeded to make their way throughout the residence, seeking out valuables.

Before the criminals could disappear with the stolen loot, the victimized residents returned home, meeting the burglars face-to-face. One of the victims, who has opted to remain anonymous, recounted the frightening confrontation to KHOU News:

They put their hand on their belt claiming they had a gun asking me if I wanted to get shot,

A gunfight did not take place, but a good old fashioned foot chase did - the victim and the family dog, a two-year-old Chihuahua named "Hope," bolted out the door in hot pursuit of the burglars who had stashed the stolen goods in a bag and sprinted away.

Amazingly, one of the thieves was nabbed by the victims - and they even managed to hold him until the police arrived, but Hope disappeared in the mayhem.

The victim told KHOU News:

The dog got lost. I think she was scared after she saw all the violence.

A search is underway for Hope - her owner said:

She's a very important family member for us,

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