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'Small Crime' : must see sleeper

 Directed by Christos Georgiou

One of the more humorous foreign films (Independent Film at the 32nd Denver Starz Film Festival 2009, was the small movie that curly-qued through a rural Greek community precariously balanced on the side of a mountain. It’s a hilarious Greek Island romp where Barney Fife meets Gaia de Laurentis. The delightful, full bodied film worked by infusing a well structured script with memorable characters at every curve on the tiny mountain village where the movie was filmed. You know the kind where the sidewalks wind around the hill overlooking the ocean and at each turn on the narrow sidewalk you could drive your bike off a 200 ft. cliff. Visually the stacked houses on the hill were authentic, tranquil, traditional Greek white stucco homes trimmed in blue that played host to well tended gardens. Living on the side of a mountain means everyone can see into everyone’s windows which is key to the questionable death of the former soccer star whose body was found at the foot of the hill, and thus, begins this charming merry-go-round the mountain.

The audience laughed at the delightfully quirky, loyal neighbors who hadn’t a care in the world until death, murder?, mystery, secrets abandoned and awakened in bottles of Ouzo, friendships and romance consumed their lives. The subtitles didn’t distract from the plight of the main character, Leonardis, who is the over-exuberant cop who stumbles through the murder of the local recluse while bumbling into love with the cliff-side beautiful TV star, who has curiously come home for the funeral. "Small Crime" will be a sleeper film but a hit in living rooms. It is one of those films you casually pick up at the video store then find yourself telling friends - rent 'Small Crime' it's a great little movie.


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