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Small colleges offer more to students majoring in Humanities


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Goucher College

It is a Saturday night at Goucher College and I am sitting at the counter of the popular weekend hangout, the Gopher Hole.  I am listening to my music on my laptop as I write, and observing my surroundings.  There will soon be an open Mic at which I am going to perform.  At Goucher, as with many small colleges, there is a large focus on the creative arts and free speech.  Students can read poems about any topic they wish, and the quality level of these poems varies. Then again, this is supposed to be a fun, carefree evening. The future poet laureate and amateur are all invited to partake.

 At Goucher, the writers here (including myself) take the craft very seriously.  It is not just about rhyming words, or words on a page.  Many of us work on a poem for hours, even days or weeks, before we consider it decent enough to present to others.  I think the reason the students are able to be so proactive about their passion for creative writing is the size of the campus. With roughly 2,000 students, Goucher’s writing programs is able to work more closely with each individual student to help each person become the best writer they possibly can.

 At larger colleges, it is more difficult to get one on one time with professors, especially when some classes have more than 100 students. In the world of creativity, small colleges are more desired if one wants to go into the arts.  A major in the humanities is much better received at smaller, community-oriented schools like Goucher. While smaller schools can be more expensive, students applying to these colleges can apply for scholarships. Goucher offers financial aid to students based both on financial need and merit.



  • Mary 5 years ago

    I love writing poetry! I go to a small college, too. I really like how one can be on a first name basis with almost all of his or her professors.

  • Student 5 years ago

    I love the fact that my college is relatively small and for many of the reasons you mention. The teachers seem to really care for the students and are often willing to help.