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Small changes bring success in the New Year

It’s the New Year, 2014. Congratulations to all who survived to cross-over into a brand new day; recognize that there are many who did not make it. With it comes the fresh promise of reaching goals that eluded some in 2013.

One small change in the way you view your ability to be successful can yield tremendous improvements in the outcome of your efforts. Perspective and positioning are crucial to success. If a person was drowning, water lapping over mouth and nose, a one inch tilt of the head can be the difference between life and death. Small changes in position and perception of our ability to succeed can breathe life into the dreams that were given-up for lost.

In pondering the reasons and contributing factors in any lack of or failure of achievement(s) last year, one is challenged to think about what changes will bring about a better result this year? What change, what one, small thing could be let-go in order to see a realization of your goals, hopes or dreams in 2014?

Often a mindset or paradigm is established, maybe even in youth and never re-examined. This way of seeing things informs one’s course of action which is based upon the personal set of beliefs, ideas and perceptions developed over time. Not stopping to reflect upon these self-identified truths to determine if they are truly and still true today or simple on-going beliefs that have long lost their veracity. Is the basic premise of your thoughts, words and actions based upon a faulty premise? Are your long-held and cherished attitudes “classic” or just worn-out and ill-fitting?

With that in mind, what one little thing are you willing to re-examine before proceeding any further into the New Year? This process is played-out all around us. Reality shows are replete with “the makeover” model. It’s done all the time, get a makeover to ‘get a man’, get a job, keep-up with the times. The idea is, by making a better presentation of self via a few, simple changes in appearance, new, fresh ideas or ways of ways of doing what we do can occur. Get a new, fresh self-image can yield new, fresh opportunities.
Although the changes may stem from the outside, the opportunity for success lies within. It is within the individual to open-up to making changes, making the decision to try something new, something that heretofore has not seemed to be the kind of thing you would do. Want a new relationship? Go someplace you haven’t been before, then maybe meet someone new. Want a better job? Take a course to improve your job skills, there are lots of free courses offered online. The change begins within. Make a true commitment to change long-held beliefs about what it takes accomplish a goal and how to face the obstacles in the way.
Be the catalyst for change. Want to actually stick to your resolution to eat healthier this year? Pair with a friend for mutual support. Be the first take make steps toward positive changes in your marriage or other relationships by affirming and supporting your mate, your siblings, your co-workers or friends.

Whether seeking a good job, completing education, starting a business or less ambitious or more personal accomplishments, whatever the task, the old gone, it is in the past and the vista of new views awaits.

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