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Small Change for Leadership Development

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Yesterday I suggested doing one thing differently in your morning ritual on your way to work, whether in a car or walking to your home office.

Next is a fun small change that can make a huge amount of difference in relationships.

Think about how you normally greet people either at the office or on the phone or even with your email to someone. Do you do the knee-jerk common “How are you?” when you acknowledge someone? Most of us do and the answer is usually “Fine” whether true or not.

How about a pattern interrupt here. Some suggestions: “What is one good thing going on today?” or “How can I help make your day a better one?” Find a pattern interrupter even if it makes you uncomfortable. Life is full of fun and whimsy. You just have to take one step in a new direction and not keep repeating the same old, same old.

You can greet someone with a quick joke. Here is one to get you started: Why did the spider cross the road?.........
To get to his other website!!!!!

Have a fun day today.