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Small change by attending a class will make a big change in your floral designs

No matter what you learn, it is quite important to have advices from an instructor. Suppose you learn foreign language conversation, you believe that your pronunciation is pretty good. However once you ask your instructor to correct your pronunciation, the instructor MAY correct your pronunciations pretty often. What about the situation when learning swimming ? You think you are swimming in a good form and believe that you are trying to follow the ideal swim form you saw on the internet. However once you join a swim lesson, your swimming form MAY be corrected by your instructor so many times.

floral arrangement
floral arrangement
California Flower Art Academy
European floral arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

The same situation can be found when learning golfing. Learning floral arrangement is not exceptional. Some people prefer to self-education. These people do not take lessons of floral designs, which MAY be good for saving money. However from a view point of long term return, it is much better to learn from a reliable instructor. Once they take lessons, they have to pay tuition as well as materials fee. Nevertheless they had better attend classes only because they can expect the instructor to make correction on your wrong way of floral designing. If students are not sure about whether the way they make arrangement is good or not, they can ask the instructor what should be improved and corrected AND also how to improve their way of arrangements.

Most instructors with ample experiences can make priceless advices to students who have not yet earned sufficient floral arranging skills. In short, small advice from an instructor can make a big change in floral designs. By way of getting valuable and timely instructions and advices from a well experienced instructor, students can make a remarkable improvement on their designing skills.

In this sense, learning floral designs by taking lessons is much more efficient way for students to earn better skills, which definitely helps make further improvements and developments on their skill and ability of flower arranging.

When thinking about timely instructions, advices and corrections from instructors, taking lessons at an actual classroom is much better than attending online classes.

California Flower Art Academy has been teaching uncountable number of students since its foundation going back to 1990 in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association. No matter what kind of floral designs you want to learn, European arrangements or Japanese Ikebana, wedding or funeral decorations, beginner or professional levels, California Flower Art Academy can help. For more information, feel free to contact