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Small businesses are about to expand and this means more jobs

Small businesses in South Florida are about to expand. And this will mean more jobs for people, many of whom are hoping to rejoin the labor force after years of struggling to find work.

Over 80 percent of small businesses organizations in South Florida and also in Central Florida are expected to reach or exceed their revenue goals in the year 2014, according to a survey by TD Bank released on August 26. Of the South Florida firms survey, 17 percent said they will hire more employees this year. Survey results were contained in an article by Marcia Heroux Pounds in the August 27 Sun Sentinel.

"Small businesses are actually a major driving force in getting more people back to work. I don't think small businesses get the credit they deserve for providing good jobs for people. Also small businesses give young people a chance to get a start. A lot of bigger companies are less willing to take a chance on a younger person," said Chad Bryant, a small restaurant operator in Miami.

"I am glad to see that more companies are doing well and those companies are now hiring people. This is always a good sign. When everyone is working more people are happy. And this means more people have more money to spend. This helps everyone get ahead," said Roger Handley.

"I believe small businesses are the best way for many people to get a good start in life. I started a business cutting lawns and that gave me the experience I needed to start a construction contracting business. I have had success. But that success came from the experience if starting and running a small business," said Andrew Palmer.

"Work in a small business can lead to a good career. I am glad that small businesses are offering people job opportunities," said Barbara Linn.

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