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Small Business Spotlight: Nicole Roberts Jones of Motivating the Masses

Nicole Roberts Jones
Nicole Roberts Jones

Spotlighting the accomplishments of small business owners is something we love to do. We love the hustle that small business owners have and the impact they make on the lives of the people they encounter. This Small Business Spotlight is all for Nicole Roberts Jones of Motivating the Masses.

When did you start your business and why did you start your business? Nicole Roberts Jones started her business in 1993 but decided to join Motivating the Masses in 2012 as an executive coach and master trainer in order to serve a greater number of entrepreneurs grow their business mindset toward success. Making the decision to impact more was easy for Jones as she says, “Where I touched hundreds maybe thousands in my company, with Motivating the Masses we touch 38 million people annually all over the world.”

What does your business offer and what is your target market? Motivating the Masses (MTM) helps companies and individuals experience exceptional, profound growth and motivated input and involvement.

How is your business different from others in your industry? Motivating the Masses is different as unlike other companies that focus on sales, they focus on service. MTM really focuses on how to increase a company’s service to the people that they believe they are called to impact and touch through.

How are you meeting the needs of your clients in today’s economy? MTM delivers one-of-a-kind learning experiences that transform individuals, teams and organizations via dynamic teaching methods, thought-provoking concepts, profound self-discovery and engaging discussions and activities. Based on decades of research in adult learning theory, its services deliver a proven and effective approach to learning through the presentation of key concepts and ideas which are reinforced through colorful illustrations, unique metaphors and creative acronyms that “stick.” MTM believes that investing in people yields greater commitment, enhanced teamwork, exceptional service and higher productivity, which helps to retain employees who recognize and appreciate a positive climate for their personal and professional growth.

Who are your competitors, if any? Anyone that is in the transformational training world are the competitors of MTM but they believe that there is enough business for all. So historically MTM partners with some of its biggest competitors such as Jack Canfield, Ariel Ford and Marsha Wieder. The goals of MTM are to work in partnership and collaboration with competitors on a larger scale.

Why is your business model important to you and your clients? MTM’s business model gives its clients the tools they need to be financially successful! They give them the resources to build a solid business platform including helpful resources to remove business barriers and mysteries. MTM focuses on sales, marketing operations, mindset and finances giving the road maps to success.

How do you market and advertise your business? Currently, MTM advertises through social media, speaking events, referrals and internal marketing campaigns. The company specializes in leveraging the relationships they have while building on the past success.

Where do you see your business in the next 2-5 years? MTM is currently taking the company public and was just approved by the SEC. They are building the largest transformational business training company in the industry. MTM is the first in the transformational world to go public and its CEO and founder went from being on government assistance as a young woman to owning a company that is going public. The consultants including Jones are so excited about what the future holds. “We want to share that anything is possible when you have BIG dreams, a solid plan and great mentors,” adds Jones.

What advice do you have for other small business owners? Jones offers business owners two pieces of advice. The first is to so what you LOVE to do by finding a business that ignites your passion. “It’s hard to be in business so you better LOVE what you do,” she adds. The second piece of advice is to find a GREAT coach to help you avoid making costly mistakes. “Your coach will help you develop a success mindset as well as help you create your business plan. For Jones, these two pieces of advice are a must. “Make sure you have balance and take time for you and your family,” she concludes.

For more information about Nicole Roberts Jones you can contact her directly at 978-384-0229.

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