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Small Business Spotlight: Gail Van Kleeck


Gail Van Kleeck

For serial entrepreneur Gail Van Kleeck, each new business venture she launches springs from her deep-rooted personal beliefs and values, coupled with a profound desire to share her source of inspiration with others.

Over the last 30 years, Van Kleeck has excelled as an inspirational author, motivational story teller, interior designer and now adds anti-aging expert to that impressive list.

Much of what inspires the Westwood resident is rooted in the seven years she spent as a hospice volunteer. Van Kleeck's writings and presentations contain insights drawn from the families with whom she has worked. She also creatively incorporates her childhood experiences, journal writings, and her life as a daughter, wife, mother and friend into her professional life.

Her books, Simple Wisdom for Challenging Times and How You See Anything is How You See Everything, are packed with words, insights and images that are designed to inspire the reader to seek and recognize the possibilities within the framework of their daily lives. Her website, Simple Wisdom, offers more information on her writings and presentations.


With Van Kleeck's interior design business, Dover Interiors, she specializes in helping clients create "surroundings that support their lifestyles and nurture their spirits." Her work includes residential and corporate interior design, and much of her work has been conducted in the communities of Greater Boston.

The latest addition to her design work is nearing completion -- she has written a book on the subject. Van Kleeck describes it as a "step-by-step guide for creating a home that nurtures your spirit, respects your budget, supports your relationships, reflects your values and gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride." The book will be available in 2010.

Despite the demands of these businesses, Van Kleeck has recently become involved in the anti-aging field. She has aligned herself with a company that produces products that are backed by scientific studies from major universities, showing evidence of stopping the skin from aging at the cellular level. Van Kleeck says that she is a "walking billboard" for the products, as she has seen a dramatic change in her appearance (see "before and after" photos at bottom left).

The more positive and purposeful our personal lives become the more we participate in creating a world that reflects the best in each of us."         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -- Gail Van Kleeck

"I love what I see in the mirror each morning," she exclaims. With this newest venture, Van Kleeck says she is helping women and men by "giving them the opportunity to change their lives for the better -- and every time we make a difference for someone else, we participate in creating a more positive and caring world."

The company, NuSkin, is a multi-billion dollar direct sales firm that has recently been receiving positive media attention across the country for its skin care line and has just been cited by Forbes as a best-bet stock pick for the second time this year. The patented company break-throughs in the anti-aging field are being touted by major scientific journals, including coverage in Nature and Science next month.

Gail's "Before and After" photos, taken six years apart.

For Van Kleeck, the down-turning economy has not been so much a challenge as an opportunity.

"Even in the worst of times, the anti-aging business is booming," she says. Not only is she using the company's products, she is training others how to learn the business.

To find out more about all that Gail Van Kleeck has to offer, call her at 781-769-1144 or email her at

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