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Small business owners offered free local networking

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Networking in today’s world can be complicated. Even with the large number of social media sites used by many Americans, small business owners often still wonder if they are actually reaching anyone. Renee Wilbur hopes to change that by founding ReciProty, an online resource exchange designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. This new community networking website is aiming to re-establish the community support spirit that once existed across the country. The idea behind ReciProty is people helping people at a local level.

“ReciProty brings back the simplicity. Members can network locally with a 21st century twist. We let people network locally to connect globally. If anyone in the area would like to advertise their business for free to all members in their state and even near-by states,” says founder Renee Wilbur, “just create a free professional profile on ReciProty. On ReciProty we network locally and allow our trusted connections to take our business globally. The self-employed, entrepreneurs and small business owners network among each other.”

Renee Wilbur feels called to lead this approach to networking. The website opened in the Pacific Northwest in 2012. After initial success in that area, Wilbur and her team opened the site to others areas, including the Mid-South.

“This is my mission. It is what I was meant to do,” says Wilbur. “ReciProty became somewhat active in 2012. Members from the Pacific Northwest now get one third of their business from this networking. ReciProty is now global. By the end of 2014, I want to reach as many people as possible. I want people to save their businesses rather than going out of business. I want to bring hope, that support right to people’s doors. I want to customize this to the people’s needs.”

ReciProty is about more than just business contacts, however. This networking organization is also about supporting the entire community, including nonprofit groups. ReciProty was recently recognized as an Oregon Benefit Company for their commitment to making a positive social impact. Every month, the organization shares how ReciProty members across the nation are making a positive social impact.