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Small Business Enhancement Program expanded

New funding limits the city council approved TUesday will open opportunities for the city's SMall Business Enhancement Program to serve more small businesses, and help Business Improvement Districts form, and take up district work for another year. Former mayor Bob Filner moved the SBEP program to the city's neighborhood development department to give small businesses more widespread support throught the city.

Micro-business investment districts will get local enterprise growth support from the city.

The number of small businesses in the city is over 200,000, and growing. THe new policy the council approved ties the limit on small business program funding to the licensed small business number counted the previous year. Giving the SBEP program flexibility for setting up programs. Especially, new programs.

Citywide small business development the city takes part in can become yearly work. Hiring at the leading employers in SanDIego continues to be a main goal for the enterprises the SBEP program supports.

Work revitalizing older commercial neighborhoods will now not get held back by the year's funding limit.

The city plans on not falling behind the small business development. Increased funding guarantees service for businesses participating in the city programs. Program staff, under the new policy, also will take the time to review new and innovative development concepts. A revolving loan fund BIDs can use to build up district enterprise work is open for city review.

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