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Small business costs and unemployment numbers are climbing

Small business is not what it used to be
Small business is not what it used to be

Small business owners are adding up financial costs within the business from equipment to daily operations to paper material and every penny is becoming quite costly during this economy due to the multiple changes taking effect. It began with a recession that never improved then Obama Care entered the picture and costs are continuously adding up every year. Business owners are quite concerned as nothing is allowing them to improve nor hire the unemployed so they can make an attempt at gaining a financial profit or better yet breaking even. So who is to blame for this unemployment; is it Congress, is it ObamaCare or the combination of both?

When small businesses don't hire it effects more than economy

At this point in time there is approximately a 16% rate of unemployment in the United States and there is a constant domino effect or chain reaction taking place with small businesses closing their doors due to this economy downfall. Small business owners are no longer hiring due to fines from the ObamaCare law. This inability to hire effects all job seekers because they are the persons who are in need of an income to pay their monthly bills and feed their families. So the question arises why does the President of the United States not see what ObamaCare is doing; why is it that Congress cannot see what is happening. Better yet, when will this crisis be resolved and when will small business owners have the ability once again to hire personnel and lower the unemployment number?