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Small business cannot hire because of ObamaCare health mandate

American citizens need to go back to work
American citizens need to go back to work Phasinphoto

The new numbers of employment have just released and it is quite disturbing because it was only 192,000 in the private sector but please tell me why that number is not higher? The answer is actually quite simple, the mandate of ObamaCare being forced upon the small business owner not to higher personnel to help their business grow in profit. Not only does this health mandate damage a small business owner but this health mandate destroys the American worker as they cannot do the following:

  • put food on the table to feed their families
  • pay their monthly expenses
  • keep a roof over their head during the heat of summer or cold of winter
  • afford to the basics of life (personal cleaning, showering, etc)

Why is it the President of the United States is not allowing small business owners to create jobs so the American people can take care of themselves and their families. The American citizens do have rights as citizens to persue happiness and freedom and they also have the right not to depend upon the federal goverment. Small business owners need to stand up and state there must be changes so they can start hiring personnel and start earning profit once again as this economy needs to be rebuilt sooner more than later.

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