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Small business basics: Social media marketing for free 101

Recently, Hawaiian Electric Company began using social media like Twitter and Facebook. It seemed to be big news, but social media is a means for free marketing and advertising for big and small businesses. Articles can be found about marketing on these sites as well as the likes of YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

These are some social media apps that consumers use and where small businesses can market for free.
Theodene S Allen

Social media, in all its glory, has its ups and downs like anything else. Amazingly, many consumers are using social media, so it makes sense for small businesses to jump on that bandwagon as well to market their products, sales, and even every day great items. It is important to always be aware of how views, images, and thoughts might be portrayed prior to posting anything on social media. It can help boost sales or bring them down entirely.

These days, many people are online looking for ideas and DIY. Images seem to work very well when a retailer is selling an item. Images can spread worldwide in just moments. The social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic opportunities to showcase images and entice consumers to visit a site for more great products like it. These sites attract visitors with simply a picture, so if you’re posting on these social media sites, be sure your images are attractive, colorful, and meaningful.

There are strategies when posting on these social media sites. Many times you might find great articles online to get more information. To learn more about improving your marketing on Pinterest, click here. Instagram is a little similar in posting images like Pinterest, but here are some tips when posting on Instagram.

Knowing your demographic on your target market is important in social media marketing. For instance, Twitter has some interesting statistics that could be beneficial for a small business, click here.

If Justin Bieber can become world famous from a YouTube video, small businesses can be known and get visitors from this traffic as well. It can be intimidating to make a video. Click here to find more information on using YouTube effectively.

These are just a few ideas for marketing your small business using social media. There’s a lot more and some of these social media sites have ways to promote your small business for a fee.

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