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Small breed training is it important?


Blizzard & Brutis

Many people ask, is it really important to train a small breed dog, and my answer is yes.  When most people think of a small breed dog they think of cute and cuddly.  However, those cute little fur balls can become quite a handful without the proper training.  If a big dog jumps on you there is a potential for injury, however when a little dog jumps on you it is considered cute.  Cute can quickly turn into annoying when that little one jumps continuously someone begging for attention. It can disrupt your meal time, conversation time and cause your guest to become irritated. 

Small Breed dogs tend to become very attached to their owners, mostly because the owners give them alot more attention than some bigger dogs receive.  They typically go with their owners more and are allowed to get by with more than their larger counterparts.  The small breed dog that has not been taught proper manners may become aggressive to  visitors that come into your home.  Therefore, it is very important to start a pattern early in life letting them know you are in charge.  An aggressive dog, big or small, can be very dangerous.  A dog that bites can be a liability for you and your family, so you must make sure you don't get into that situation.  If you find yourself in that situation get help quickly.  First check with your vet to make certain you dog is in good health.  Then seek out a professional trainer for advice on how to end the aggression.

If you allow your small breed dog on the furniture, you should set rules.  Let them know it is only ok when they are invited and not to jump up whenever they please.  It is hard to believe, but lets face it, not all people are dog lovers and do not want a little dog jumping in their laps the minute they sit down.  

Another issue you may encounter are the kisses.  Yes, some of us just adore puppy kisses, but some people don't.  Brutis the little multi-poo shown in the photo above loves to give kisses right in the face.  However, we have had to teach him that kisses are only welcome when someone asks for them.  The automatic facewashing is not acceptable.  Poodles are known for barking issues and Brutis is no exception.  This is an issue that we continuously work on, as he has aged he seems to have regressed to his noisy self when he is outside.  Now I use what I call my bark box, it is a litle devise that I can carry anywhere and when his barking becomes excessive I push the button.  This devise sends out a high pitch noise that only the dogs can hear and is annoying to them.  It immediately curtails his barking and gets his attention back on me for a quick "no bark "followed by a "good boy". I like this better than a bark collar as it does not shock the dog and I am in control of when to use it.

Your small breed dog can go to puppy classes right alongside of the bigger dogs.  This will help with socialization among people and other dogs.  Your pooch will develop more confidence as he/she learns.  Puppy training is vital to having a healthier and happier home for both you and your dog.