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Small Animal Hospital serves up big service

It can be a challenge sometimes finding a veterinarian for small animals. You live in Milwaukee, however, so the search to treat your little friend is made easier when we have the Small Animal Hospital. Located off of N. Newhall St. and E. North Ave. on Milwaukee's East Side the hospital treats a variety of pets ranging from dogs and cats to mice and hedgehogs.

The Small Animal Hospital is a beacon in the sea of Milwaukee veterinarians when your rat, chinchilla, or ferret is not acting its usual self. Whether your pet is due for a routine check-up or is in need of something a little more serious the Small Animal Hospital can help.

The Small Animal Hospital had a deep Milwaukee history that began in 1929. Time has since past but the focus of the hospital has always been on the animal. From the moment you step inside the clinic the friendly staff is there to assist you. Lobby to exam room the clinic is clean and well maintained. The people at the desk to the veterinarians the staff is friendly and helpful. So ask questions! Make sure you understand the treatment and needs of your pet.

The website is very user friendly equipped with services, treatment guidelines, and helpful tips for any pet owner. Not solely focused on the services they have to offer the site is something to be checked out whether you are a patient or not.


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