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Small animal control needs help with placing a gorgeous Belgian Malinois

Metro Animal Services

Update 2/7/14: Though the facility received many calls and emails about Fey, nobody followed through to meet her. Fey began to go "kennel crazy" and she was ultimately put down after no rescue agencies or suitable adopters were found. Rest in Peace Fey.

A stunning, young Belgian Malinois is currently housed at a small animal control facility in Puyallup, Wash., and the agency is hoping to find a rescue which can take her in.

The dog, "Fey," is only two years of age and she came to the facility in late November.

When Fey initially arrived to the facility, someone with the Department of Corrections stepped forward to see if Fey had what it takes to become a working dog.

This week, Fey was returned to the animal control facility because she was overly interested in smells that she should not have been interested in.

The staff at Metro Animal Services is hoping that a rescue agency, familiar with the breed, will take Fey in and help place her in a proper home.

By nature, Belgians are known to be intelligent, active and devoted to their family. Most dogs of this particular breed enjoy having a job of some sort to keep their mind, and their body, stimulated.

Rescue agencies who are interested in helping Fey are asked to contact: (253) 299-7387 or email

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