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Small and young animals show along the trail

Hiking Arlington on a Thursday morning
Hiking Arlington on a Thursday morning
James George

News today is that there are a lot of small animals and birds out. The warm breeze is blowing to make the 80 degrees feel cooler. Billowing clouds sometimes block the sun. Shade trees are performing well.

Chipmunks on the trail
James George

Now that the tart cherries are finished and black raspberries are done, the red raspberries are emerging strong. There is nothing better than wild fruit.

The farmer’s markets are carrying organic strawberries these days. They taste so much better than strawberries that are the size of apples.

Chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels are plentiful and that means foxes are too. Chipmunks are fast and hard to see. Rabbits and squirrels are constantly aware, but are slower to take evasive action. You may see foxes at dusk and early morning.

Cardinals are more difficult to see in the summer as they can hide in the trees. Yet, today, they were in plain view, taking advantage of plentiful seeds.

Ballston Pond water quality is appearing clearer, even after a rain. Still, the clean up crew has yet to remove the plastic debris.

Historic Civil War gun emplacements can be viewed in different places around the county. The ones in Bluemont Park are quaint because they remain unmolested.

Arlington County added birdhouses to replace rotting trees. A number of aged and diseased trees were removed from parks the last couple of years, probably for safety sake. However, taking them away also removed a food source for woodpeckers. It also eliminated a place for birds to roost. So, someone got the idea to install birdhouses.

Last night’s rain overflowed the Four Mile Run.

The floodplain is low in some parts. It wouldn’t hurt to install some additional small dams to support more fishes and to lower the water temperature.

There is lot to contemplate while hiking along Arlington trails.

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