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Smacky Cars App Review

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Any old school gamer will enjoy playing Smacky Cars. By reading any Smacky Cars review, old school gamers can see how this simple, yet entertaining game, can be addictive. For starters, it has a retro-pixel graphics that are reminiscent of the good old Nintendo or Play Station 1 days. This gives it a fun, 'old is gold' feel that can only be described as a simple pleasure for gamers who have been around the block.

Mobile games are taking on a new concept that will make them even more popular than they currently are. That concept is 'simplicity'. As challenging as Smacky Cars is, the concept is simple. All the players have to do is dodge all on-coming traffic for as long as they can and they get rewarded. The more cars they avoid having a head-on collision with, the more they get rewarded.

Smacky Cars is not only retro, but it is entertaining as well. The pixels and the design takes after the original version of one of the most popular game franchises in the history of gaming; Grand Theft Auto. This installment of Smacky Cars is simple, challenging, and will keep the player engaged for longer than they may originally expect.

Smacky Cars reviews say that this game is just like Flappy birds, only the players get to use cars instead. It is highly addictive and very simple to play. For every 100 cars the player dodges, they get a reward. The speed of the racing cars varies from one level to another and so do the rewards.

Its simplicity may be the one thing that sets this game apart. Aside from the simple, yet elegant retro-design of the race cars, it is a one touch control game that anyone can play. All the players have to do is tap left, for their car to swerve left and tap right for their car to swerve that way. They have to be sharp, quick and very alert.

Shortly put, this is a simple game that gives the gamer a chance to die and resurrect severally before they realize that they have been staring at their phone for hours. It is simply entertaining and very engaging.

This app requires iOS 6.0 or anything later than that. It is also compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and Android as well. Additionally, it is optimized for iPhone 5. The features, the simplicity of the design and the one touch control protocol makes this one of the best games to ever hit the App store & Google Play.