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Smack down on heroin epidemic

Heroin prevention program
Heroin prevention program
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Governor Cuomo and Albany legislators announced a bill for tougher laws on the State's growing heroin epidemic. The new programs address the issue to protect New Yorkers, especially “the youngest in our communities, who represent a frightening share of heroin victims,” said Cuomo.

A mandate is proposed for insurers to cover treatment, along with new criminal penalties and a public education campaign.

Heroin is offered on the street rather inexpensively, which makes it attracting to those looking for a quick fix, not to mention the peer pressure in local schools. The potential is quick addiction since the buzz is an extreme euphoric experience. Dealers know of its addictive properties, which makes the innocent prey to add to their "customer" base.

The Bible tells of not giving in to addiction. But also recognizes the need for hopefulness of life to those who lack confidence, who are lonely, and it gives a meaning to life that involves having a loving relationship with the Almighty God through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Several have been able to wean off of drugs by leaning on the strength of Jesus Christ. Trust in Him is the first initiative step necessary.

Heroin was introduced by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer in the late 1800's as an over-the-counter drug as a substitute for morphine and a cough suppressant. Its name comes from the confidence it gives to users, hence its name adopted from providing a feeling of “heroic” effects.


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