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Slyce Signs Agreement with PDN

Toronto based visual search technology firm, Slyce has announced the signing of an agreement with The Purchase Decision Network (PDN), where Slyce will provide visual search capability to the ShopperApp and also to other 3rd party shopping that are included in the PDN network.

The PDN apps are currently used by more than two million shoppers every month, who conduct more than ten million shopping trips.

By enabling the Slyce app on mobile devices, users can take photos of literally any product, that can now be easily recognised and added to a shopping cart to enable purchasing. After creating shopping lists, the PDN app will match items on the list with those maintained in the network or supplied by retailers. The recognition and matching includes the search of coupons, flyers, and daily deals offered across the web.

The partnership appears to be winner for all parties involved as the agreement allows the ability to share monetization proceeds which can be derived from advertising and affiliate offers. The Slyce app allows customers to easily purchase items anywhere with the click of a button. The combination now creates opportunities for customers to make use of exciting innovative technology while the opportunity for advertising on valuable virtual real estate can generate revenue.

Slyce has positioned itself at the forefront of the newer version of the web is is rapidly becoming even more visual as witnessed by the emergence of infographics that allow the dissemination of information in one image. The company is presently negotiating with six of the top retailers in North American and the agreement can be strategically important as the technology is introduced to the Consumer Packaged Goods market. The PDN shoppers app includes access to goods supplied by several retailers such as Shopper, Out of Milk,Our Groceries, Buy Me a Pie.

The company has been active in other markets too, as they have also announced an agreement with Screenvision, which is the leading cinema advertising outfit in the US. The network includes more than 14,000 screens and over 2300 theatres in the country. The partnership will now allow the Slyce app to be used when movie goers snap images of their favorites clothing items on posters or other displays, and they can be directed to sites where they can be purchased. The " Shop-the look" program is entering early trial stages, and is expected to combine the fashion conscious with movie fans at the opportune moment of inspiration.

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