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Slutcracker: Hot tickets, hotter dancers

Mary Widow and Honey Suckle Duvet
(Sarah Paterson)

 Russian dance? Check. Tutus? Check. All the elements of the classic holiday ballet are here, only with a lot more sparkly pasties. And an enormous candy cane dildo.

"The Slutcracker takes the familiar story of a girl transported into a magical world and turns it on its head, making biting commentary on female liberation, body image, and pansexuality along the way," wrote Katrina Galore, one of several cast members to jump into the fray on a Boston Magazine message board when writer Matthew Reed Baker questioned whether the show has merits as fringe theater or simply intends to shock.  "Only people uncomfortable with sex accuse artists who used sexuality in their art of being shocking. It never occurs to those at ease with erotic content that there is anything shocking about it," Galore wrote.

Friday and Saturday night's shows sold out, and if any tickets are left for Sunday and next weekend's shows, they won't last long. But if you miss your chance to see the show live, you can get a taste of what all the fuss is about in a Boston Phoenix video interview with the show's creator and choreographer Sugar Dish, which offers glimpses of the onstage action. And you can catch many of the show's lovely ladies year round in the city's burlesque troupes: Babes in Boinkland, Ballet Lolita, Big Moves Boston, and Black Cat Burlesque.