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Slurp up noodles at Kam Hong Garden


For all you noodle lovers out there seeking the one that which defines noodle itself, the Holy Grail lies at Kam Hong Garden in Monterey Park (the real Chinatown). Inconspicuously located on Garvey Avenue, the noodles in Kam Hong Garden evoke nostalgia for all first generation Chinese because of its unique taste and style of making which originates from the Shanxi province in China.

Like all Great-and-Low-Priced-and-Authentic Chinese joints, there is barely any English spoken, half the menu is written in Chinese, your order comes to you faster than you can pronounce it, and complementary tea is served with your meal. And if you are the only foreigner (Caucasian) in sight, it is mostly likely you have a Chinese honey with you.
Their specialty is the knife-chopped noodle (dao xiao mian). This type of noodle is handmade by stretching and twisting of the dough which is then knife-shaved into long and thick slices-each with its own unique shape and texture. My favorite is the spicy beef noodle which is served with literally TONS of knife-cut noodles, a hearty beef stock, humongous chunks of meat, and cilantro to add in the flavor. For noodle-lovers, this is comfort food at its best. You will smell the hot soup, you will indulge in the slurping (noodles are meant to be SLURPED!), you will be blessedly full, and you will pay less than $6 for all this crazy goodness. There are other non-knife-chopped noodle items on the menu, but, why bother?
Kam Hong Garden
848 E Garvey Ave #A
Monterey Park, CA 91755
(626) 280-9318
For more info on how knife-chopped noodles are made visit:


  • MrSpinachSalad 5 years ago

    "...which is served with literally TONS of knife-cut noodles..."

    Oh god this is such terrible writing! Anyhow, since you said literally... do you mean a long ton (2,240 lbs) a short ton (2,000 lbs) or a metric ton (2,205 lbs) of noodles? I want to know because unless it's a metric ton or more, it seems like a waste of time and money.