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SLR Gear tests Sony's FE 35mm f2.8 Zeiss lens

SLR Gear, an offshoot website of the Imaging Resource, one of the web's most-trusted resources for all things digital photography, has just posted an in-depth review of the new Sony FE 35 f2.8 Zeiss lens, which is designed to work on full frame mirrorless cameras, hence the 'FE' designation..

So, how does it do in practice? Short answer: very well.

Optically, the lens is really good. In terms of sharpness, the lens is good right from the get-go at f2.8 in the center on full frame with the corners slightly lagging behind the center. The lens does not sharpen much when stopped down, but performance does not to soften due to diffraction until around f16. Come f22, diffraction really starts to take a toll on the image. As for chromatic aberration, vignetting, and distortion, all are very well controlled and should not present any real problems in real-life shooting.

Mechanically, the lens uses all-metal construction and AF is via a focus by wire system, which means to external AF/MF control on the lens. Instead, switching the focus mode is done by the camera. Unfortunately, there is no rubber gasket at the mount, which means that this lens isn't weather-resistant.

If there is one nitpick on this lens, it is, well, there really isn't one aside from the lack of a gasket at the mount. In just about every other respect, though, the lens is about as good as it can get. .

Overall conclusion: the Sony FE35 f2.8 Zeiss is a stellar piece of equipment.

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SLR Gear

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