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'Slow poke' bill makes its way through GA House

Motorists blocking the left-lane on Georgia highways may soon be facing a $75 fine.
Motorists blocking the left-lane on Georgia highways may soon be facing a $75 fine.

A bill targeting drivers going too slow on Georgia highways was passed by way of unanimous vote by the House Transportation Committee Tuesday afternoon.

HB1047, sponsored by Rep. Mark Butler (R) of Carrollton, would attach a minimum $75 fine to a law already on the Georgia books that makes it a misdemeanor to impede traffic by driving slower than the speed limit in the left-hand lane of Georgia interstates – excluding the HOV lane.

While the majority of traffic fines –such as January’s ‘Super Speeder’ fines - target motorists driving too fast, House lawmakers, with this bill, emphasize that those going too slow can be just as dangerous.

"They're causing a lot of frustration for the drivers behind them," Rep. Butler said of drivers travelling below the speed limit in the left lane. "They're also causing people to weave in and out of traffic in order to get around the slower drivers, which also causes a much larger hazard. The left-hand lane on these multi-lane roads is supposed to be used for passing only."

The bill will now be sent to the House Rules Committee, and, should it pass both the full House and Senate votes, it could be signed into law as early as July.

While some fear the move will encourage drivers to speed, Rep. Butler insists that the bill would only target those motorists impeding the flow of traffic while continuing to ticket those violating the speed limit.

"We're not trying to get people to go faster," Butler told reporters, "we're just trying to get people to quit clogging up the lane that's supposed to be used for passing." 


  • Matt C 5 years ago

    Editorial note: The writer of this article holds a significant amount of bias towards the above subject matter; believing, not only should drivers who block the left-hand lane - out of ignorance or sheer indifference - be hit with a fine, but also be immediately vaporized into submicroscopic particles and swept away into the blowing wind, and assuredly out of existence. Please consider this when reading the article. Thank you.

  • Sara C 5 years ago

    That is hilarious. I mean, people do drive fast here, and some people are clueless and makes me wonder if they ever took driver's ed, but the fact that the vote was unanimous cracks me up. I wish other issues could be so easy. If somehow MARTA could be tied to a car we might have better luck.

  • rick 5 years ago

    Why does the writer of this article taking credit for it? He merely lifted it and re-wrote it a little bit from The comment section does not allow me to provide you with the exact link so you can compare and be amazed.

  • Dan L. 5 years ago

    This bill has is a waste of time. One can still drive 55MPH in the left lane on 285 and inside the Perimeter because that is the posted speed limit. Slow poke tickets will be issued when troopers start writing tickets for crossing the HOV solid lines.

  • Randy C 5 years ago

    This is a great idea and long overdue.

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