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Slow immigration reform progress wasting time

The day comprehensive immigration reform will pass in Congress is still not clear. Losses San Diego communnities suffer, in deporations and missed job opportunities, have not stopped growing.

House Democrats do not take the breakdowns in party talks easy. San Diego's Rep. Juan Vargas (D) spent time in March calling on Congress, with members of the House Democratic Caucus, to call a vote on immigration reform, and, strengthened his position in favor of deportation relief for immigrants' immediate relatives and permanent residents. Work on making a restoration of judicial discretion during deportation proceedings a guarantee stays open work.

Immigration legislation that guards opportunities immigrants seeking a better life need to live, and work, in America fits in Vargas' immigration reform plans in San Diego.

Earning a path to citizenship begins by getting in the community door in America. Vargas, if immigration reform was done his way, would give immigrants more time to hold their own. More Mexicans would not have to deal with deportation actions until a time set using a deferred action guideline.

Heedless of the timelines for reform in the country's border cities, the House and Senate have not agreed on the details. Education sessions held by the Judiciary Committee on finding the status in America immigrants must live with have not settled legislative plans.

Speaker Boehner still considers the House reform proposal too complex, and clumsy. His party plans to take the border work burdens out of the reform plan. The failure to narrow down the healhcare reform bill predisposes the Speaker to take a stand against legislation he calls similarly broad.

Broad bipartisan support is all Boehner will settle for.

Immigrants Vargas does not accept being kept out of a secure life, while the COngressmembers publicly put their hearts into disagreeing on the President's proposed reform, can not take stock in growing family roots in San Diego's America. They can not find success without the thousands of jobs the House Democratic Caucus says will open up in Vargas' San Diego district after comprehensive immigration reform overcomes congressional hurdles.

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