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Slow Food Chicago needs volunteers for creative projects

Slow Food Chicago volunteers work on community gardening among other creative projects.
Slow Food Chicago volunteers work on community gardening among other creative projects.
Photo courtesy of Slow Food Chicago

Slow Food Chicago has just announced some of its latest volunteer needs and committee openings for those interested in food related events and local farming.

Slow Food Chicago volunteers can pitch in anywhere from an afternoon to an entire year, says Eve Bills Lacivita, who is the group’s former volunteer coordinator. In 2012, Lacivita will be co-president with Megan Larmer, and Cortney Ahern will take the volunteer management lead for the 100 per cent volunteer organization.

“We need volunteers with every kind of skill,” she said. “Part of purpose of the volunteer program is not just to get help in the very strict sense of the word. For me volunteering in Slow Food Chicago is delivering on the mission of clean, fair and good food, and to get in (synch) with the food community. You can volunteer once for an event; supporting our potlucks, Pig Roast, or workshops; on ongoing committees; or get involved in mid-, short- or long-term projects. There are all sorts of opportunities,” Lacivita said.

At the top of the list of major project work, they are looking for:

Videographers and Video Editors– those who have skills in storyboarding, capturing and editing video, with journalism or other relevant interviewing experience who may or may not have equipment; to support a multi-media project based on Terra Madre, which will be a part of the Slow Food Chicago annual meeting, usually held at the end of February. Those interested can fill out a form on the website, for more informationwith a brief outline of relevant experience, and let them know if you have equipment at your disposal.

“Terra Madre,” Lacivita said, “is a meeting of Slow Food community members from around the world, held every two years in Italy. We have been sending a number of delegates. We’ll use the documentary to kick of the year at the annual meeting, with interviews of people who last attended Terra Madre in (late October) 2010, talk to them about their experiences, and what they got from it, what they hope for the future, and what we should know about Terra Madre.

“(Attendees) are scattered around Chicago and Illinois; farmers, producers, … But the event draws people from around the globe; from arid community gardens in Africa, to Eastern European and Midwest organic farming, and brings traditional foods that individuals (have produced over time) back to life. It is a meeting of the minds, an opportunity for people to exchange ideas and inspiration with people from all walks of life and areas of the world. We’d like to give visibility to what Terra Madre means, so people can get an idea of its impact and its importance.”

Committee Openings

The "Farmers You Should Know" Committee is looking for "feet on the ground" to visit local farms and introduce the Slow Food community to them. For those who know farming, have great interviewing skills, or just have a deep interest in farms that they want to grow and share.

Lacivita said the "Farmers You Should Know" Committee brings producers and consumers closer together by talking directly with each other, visiting and letting people know who their farmers are, what drives them, and what opportunities they can bring.

PR/Communications Team

Slow Food Chicago is looking for people to join its PR & Communications team! The PR & Communications team works with local media outlets to get out the word on upcoming events and initiatives. For those with a background in journalism, writing, advertising or public relations.

Grant writing

Slow Food Chicago is also looking for someone with grant writing experience to fulfill three areas of need. “And we are always looking for grant opportunities,” adds Lacivita.

Those interested in volunteering can fill out a form on the website, under About Us, How to Volunteer, for more information.

“We are obviously an organization that is built around food,” Lacivita said. “It is not necessary to have specific background in food or the food industry – but to have a passion for clean, fair, and good food, whatever skills you can bring to that vision, I would love to talk to you. It is the cornerstone of our volunteer program.”


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