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Slow down on fast food

Time to slow down
Time to slow down

It's called fast food, so that means you eat it fast, right? Slow down. It's probably true, most people shovel down their value menu purchases in less time than it takes for the government to lose ten million dollars. But that doesn't need to be the case. What's the average time-frame it takes for a party of two to wrap up a meal at Jack-in-the-Box? Assuming we're timing from point of entry to exit, I would estimate no more than 25 – 30 minutes. Compared to how long do you take at a 'real' restaurant? Usually 40 – 50 minutes.

Granted, we must consider that a noteworthy portion of fast food diners are under time constraints, which is why they selected that location in the first place. But wait! Those people are most likely going to opt for the drive thru, no? So how hurried can you really be? On top of this, in one sense, dine-in restaurant customers should feel an added sense of compulsion to expediate the meal if they are being conscious of taking time and tables from the server. (Not many folks actually consider this)

One final factor comes into play. Fast food does not taste good cold. But that's no major deterrent, very few non-desserts have any taste merit served cold. If this concerns you, space out your meal ordering. Start with a wrap or mini snack, then move on to a meal, and come back for a piece of pie, or some nibbling fries. But take it slow: enjoy the conversation, lounge in luxury on the sticky booth seat, bring a game of chess and enjoy the free refills.

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