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Slow down and smell spring and it’s creative awakenings

creative awakenings
creative awakenings

The cyclic power of nature and its realms calls to us to awaken our own abundant resources within us. Go ahead and express yourself by following your creative impulses without judgment, fears or doubt. Letting go of distractions, and experience detachment. Begin with five minutes each day and add more time.

Commit to play

Let go of expectations and make mistakes and explore the unknown. For this you need a safe space, your home, a place in your room or yard. Break out the paints, clays, wood or fabrics and musical instruments, and follow your intuition and hunches, knocking down the walls, structure and routines that block and constipate or stagnate. Give your inner critic and shy, you know the ones that worry about what others may think, the day off

Be spontaneous

Do whatever it is that comes to your infinite wisdom, explore and unwind. If you don’t do it now, when will you and others in your life allow the time. You must make the time for yourself and stick to it. Surprise yourself.

Discover your buried treasures, tastes, sounds, feelings and images, textures and colors, they hold power. Wild and intimately tender, longing for your inner space.

Be in Mother Nature as much as possible

Sit on ancient rocks, dance on her sacred ground and listen to the whispers and echoes of her spring breezes and rustling branches. Can you hear the bulbs and buds of spring coming up softly through her truthful ground. Let her sing to you drawing you in nearer and dearer to her heart and soul. Breathe deeply and surrender.

Welcome consciousness and pleasure

Accept and honor the changes. Relinquish the illusion of control. Liberate yourself from the tyranny of unhealed wounds. Spring is here, open the doors and throw up the shutters to your heart, liberate and heal. Welcome Easter into your sanctuary.

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