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Slott and Allred take the Silver Surfer anywhere and everywhere in new series

For a longtime the Silver Surfer has soared through the space ways of the Marvel Universe. As part of the All-New Marvel NOW!, the Silver Surfer is returning to comic shelves beginning with “Silver Surfer” #1 by Dan Slott, Mike Allred, and Laura Allred. The challenge for the new creative team is to give the Surfer some purpose.

Mike Allred's art is stunning in the premiere issue of "Silver Surfer."
Mike Allred
What do Dan Slott and Mike Allred have in store for the Silver Surfer?
Mike Allred

Often the Silver Surfer has coasted through space happening into conflicts here and there and becoming involved as a matter of happenstance instead of any real need to be there.

“Silver Surfer” #1 introduces The Impericon, a world that defies all scientific explanation. It is a world that had been forever hidden from the Silver Surfer in his travels. The barriers of the world are opened to the Surfer as the people of The Impericon need a champion by any means necessary.

The issue also sees the introduction of Dawn, an Earth woman from Anchor Bay who unlike the Surfer prefers to never travel far from home. Her view is why would anyone ever leave Anchor Bay the most beautiful place on Earth?

The Silver Surfer’s recruitment by The Impericon will have ties to Dawn a person the Surfer has never met, but their lives have been tied together for years.

Slott’s premise is quite unique and makes the overall story more engaging. How are the stayer, Dawn, and the traveler, Surfer, going to mesh? How will their opposing styles differ? What danger is in store from the threat to The Impericon?

The artwork of Mike Allred is flat out amazing. His past Marvel work on “X-Force” and “X-Statix” along with the recent “FF” series shows his ability to give a comic book a distinct look that is different from the comic book trends, making the story look spectacular. In “Silver Surfer,” Allred’s style is more at home than ever. The quirky look delivers an attitude that fits right in with the overall setting of the bizarre corners of the Marvel Universe.

Laura Allred provides the perfect color compliment to embellish the artwork. The palette is more flat than the standard comic colors, but this allows for the artwork to pop on the page.

“Silver Surfer” #1 hits the ground running building that intrigue into the star characters to pull you back in month-in and month-out. Slott’s work on “The Amazing Spider-Man” clearly shows he is a writer that understands the fantastic world of comic books and now paired with the artistic ability of Allred, it is a combination that will take the Silver Surfer into the “Anywhere and Everywhere” that the cover to the first issue advertises.

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