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Slippin' and slidin' around London

Slippery pavements in the UK
Slippery pavements in the UK
yours truly

Heavy snow fell again yesterday in London.  Warmer weather today might cause the snow to begin melting around London, but its slippery streets and pavements have created havoc for commuters and travelers.

The icy pavements have caused hundreds of citizens around the capital and country to slip and slide their way into hospital.  After nearly a week of a winter freeze, London is starting to shed its snowy pavements and press on into the gloom of winter.  This may come as a relief to the NHS, which has seen a significant increase in A & E (Emergency Room) patients in the past week. 

Because of the gripping cold, even some postal workers are not able to perform their full duties.  This ergonomically friendly article will explain more than you ever wanted to know about slips and trips.  What causes us to fall on ice?  No, it's not your stiletto heels, although that might be one cause.  Slipping, as it were, is actually a science.  This explains it in more detail.

So, for those of you navigating the streets of London and all across the UK this week: take precautions to avoid slipping and sliding.


  • DMorgan 5 years ago

    And so the UK leans that snow is not as fun as it seems! Thanks for sharing :)

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