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Slipknot Drama Continues...Joey Jordison Releases a Statement

Joey Jordison Behind His Drum Set
Joey Jordison Behind His Drum Set
Joey Jordison

Just days after posting that it was a personal reason for Joey Jordison to leave the metal juggernaut Slipknot by the lead singer Corey Taylor, Jordison has responded. On January 1st, he released a statement that he was "blindsided" by being let go and "DID NOT QUIT SLIPKNOT...I would never abandon it, or my fans." He also stated that for the time being he would need to remain quiet regarding his separation from the band. What does this mean for the band? Corey Taylor has stated that they will continue and begin working on a new album this year. However, the drama behind the scenes may be more than he is letting on if removal of a founding member of this 18 year old band was a coup instead of a mutual leaving decision. Only time will tell, but perhaps this split will fuel some interesting songs for the next album that may or may not shed light into what actually occurred.