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'Slightly haunted house’ for sale: Spawns curiosity seekers, but no buyers

“Slightly Haunted House,” this is the way that the Leeson family of Dunmore, Pennsylvania listed their house for sale online and they may wish today that they hadn’t. The century-old Victorian house does a bit more than go bump in the night, so the Leesons’ felt honesty is the best policy when trying to sell their home, according to the Latin Post on Jan. 22.

'Slightly Haunted House for Sale," this is how the Leeson family listed their house and they got a lot of people, but no potential buyers.
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That honesty brought droves of folks to their house, but not one prospective buyer. Everyone wanted to “experience” the “slightly haunted house.” The Leeson family has been approached by ghost hunting groups, thrill seekers and the curious, but not someone who wanted to buy the home.

According to the Westfield Evening News, the "slightly haunted house for sale" ad even brought out a previous tenant of the house who lived there decades ago. The man told the Leesons that when he lived there as a child, a human skull was found in the basement.

So what is this “slightly haunted house” all about? The Leesons hear doors slamming, voices, screams and yes, bumps in the night. They hear noises coming from their basement. According to the Westfield News the Leesons are “thoroughly creeped out by their 113-year-old Victoria.”

The couple said they were asleep one night when they heard an adult’s voice on the baby monitor that was set-up in their baby’s room. They ran into the room to find their baby standing up in the crib starring at the wall.

The Leesons want to move, but it is not because their house is haunted. Mr. Leeson tried to explain the situation “in a humorous way” when asked about the reason for moving, suggests the Latin Post. He said his house is just a “little haunted.”

The screams, doors slamming and basement noises are enough to set even the most skeptical on edge, so it sounds like this house is going to need someone special to come along and buy it.

The house is a 1901 Victorian and it is located at 1217 Marion St. in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. The family put the house up for sale last month and they haven’t had any bites yet from a potential buyer, but they’ve met scores of ghost hunting enthusiasts.

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