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Slideshow: Polar vertex effects leave U.S. and Canada frozen

People in Midwest to Southern and Eastern parts of the US and Canada are reeling under biting cold conditions as extremely cold polar winds broke chill records on Tuesday.

Polar Vortex effects leave U.S. and Canada frozen - photos

It has now become hazardous to even venture out. Schools and businesses have been closed.

According to the Times of India on Jan 8, the cold weather has left puddles frozen along parking lots and rendered the open spaces filled with ice sheets in the Florida beach city of Penascola.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta the temperature has nosedived to minus 14 degrees Celsics, leaving even fountains frozen.

The cold conditions have also made pipes burst and cars useless. Elsewhere, in Chicago, the temperature fell to minus 27 degrees Celsius as an effect of the polar vertex.

It is feared that at least 187 million people would bear the brunt of the chilly weather as the polar vertex spreads across the American landscape.

Meanwhile in Canada, Toronto and other cities are still under extreme effects of the cold climate, leaving even the airports out of action.

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