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Slideshow: Dog named Hope set on fire while chained (warning, graphic photos)

Authorities in Arcadia, Florida are investigating a horrific case of animal torture, abuse and cruelty. Police say a 1-year-old Shar Pei mix was set on fire by his owner while chained in a yard. At this point, the investigation is underway and charges have not been filed against the owner. The dog, now named Hope, is under the care of the Hardee Animal Rescue Team (HART). Hart has continued to share Hope’s progress on their official Facebook page, and are taking donations to assist in Hope’s recovery.

A one-year-old Shar Pei mix was allegedly set on fire by her owner while chained in the yard.
Hardee Animal Rescue Team (HART)
Hope the dog was set on fire while chained in the yard
Hardee Animal Rescue Team (HART)

You may see a video report on the case here: Dog doused in kerosene, lit on fire in Hardee County

Though Hope has experienced significant pain and abuse, she is responding well to treatment and continues to wag her tail.

She is expected to survive; some believe that it is a miracle she’s still with us.

You may see photos of Hope but please be warned; they are graphic and disturbing to view.

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