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Slide deploys midflight: United flight's emergency slide inflate at 38,000 feet

Photo by Harry Engels/Getty Images

Passengers aboard a United flight were shocked when the emergency slide decided to blow up halfway through their flight. On Monday, LA Times shared about what happened and the reaction of those on the flight. It was a Santa Ana-bound United Airlines flight that was flying at 38,0000 feet that had the problem with their slide.

This flight was going fine until their emergency slide decided to deploy for some reason. It actually blew up in the cabin and the crew rushed to it so that they could try to make it stop. They ended up having to land in Wichita instead of going on to their destination so that they could deal with this problem.

They were able to land safely and now they will be working on figuring out what caused this to happen on the United flight. Passengers admit that they feared the worst because they had no idea what was going on exactly. It was really scary for everyone. Several of them posted photos on Twitter of what was going on.

One passenger spoke out saying, "Eventually, the pilot made an announcement that the plane was OK, but I talked to him after the plane landed and he said he had to descend right away because there was ... a chance the raft could push the door open, so it was definitely a rush."

Another spoke out saying, "The first thing that went through my mind is, if the chute opened and it probably popped out the door and we’d lose pressure immediately. But luckily that didn’t happen, it just inflated inside.” Everyone on this United flight is very lucky that it all turned out okay for them.