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Slick new iPhones coming this summer?

There has been a buzz since yesterday about info found that Apple is indeed getting ready to up their game with an iPhone based on CDMA which will work on Verizon and Sprint. We have been hearing about this for a few months, but now that the Wall Street Journal has written about it, it seems like a pretty credible rumor. It started with a banner that was spotted at the top of the Wall Street Journal site:

 WSJ Header

Some of the dates that they may happen are iffy. Some say as soon as this summer, others say fall, and an article posted just this morning says that is not happening until 2011. In either case, it sounds like it is coming for real which marks problems for ATT. ATT customers have complained about the service with their iPhones for quite a while (myself included). Things have gotten a bit better, but still not rock solid.

I can't wait to see what happens. I currently have my iPhone through my job on a corporate account with ATT so it's unlikely that I would get the new phone anytime soon, but one can hope. :)


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