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Sleuths Serves Murder With Dinner

Have dinner at Sleuth's. Drink a few dry vermouth's and see if you can discover the truths.

Become the detective in a murder mystery at Sleuth's Dinner Theatre.
Become the detective in a murder mystery at Sleuth's Dinner Theatre.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
Can you solve the murder mystery at Sleuths?
Marisa L. Williams

In order to solve the mystery, you must know the history, but careful, the path could be blistery.

Even if you're a beginner, you can enjoy dinner and determine who is a killer and a sinner.

Will you choose prime rib or Cornish game hen? Beer or wine then? Laugh at a comedienne.

Slurp on your drink. Try to ponder and think what guilty party could be the missing link.

Chomp on a maraschino cherry. The shows vary, but they're more comedy than scary.

Enjoy the ambience, but listen to your conscience. Is someone planted in the audience?

The person next to you could be a killer. That's part of the thriller, but the atmosphere is chiller.

There's ordinary folks, pretending you're part of an elaborate hoax, telling silly jokes.

There's a little slap stick with a purposely goofy chick, but is her act merely a trick?

Stare into the burning votive and try to find a motive. Who is lacking in the emotive?

Study each and every face and try to make a case. Was anyone at any time out of place?

Answer the who, how and why. Don't be fooled by a fake cry. Someone could be trying to be sly.

Who could snuff out another life? Was it a greedy wife? Is she brutal enough to use a knife?

Was it a Miss or a Mister? Is there a plot twister? Maybe that's not really his sister!

What could you discover? Is there a secret lover? Is someone posing undercover?

There is an interrogation session for you to pose a question. Can you get a slam dunk confession?

Remember, people can answer wry or give a boldface lie. Who's capable of shanghai?

Think ahead, like playing chess. Make an educated guess, and as information comes in, reassess.

If you're lucky enough to know who delivered the fatal blow and solve the mystery of the show,

you might even win a prize. Will it be a disguise suitable for those training as spies?

One cannot say what will be awarded that day, but don't let the hope of a prize lead you astray.

Get down into the grime, because you're here to solve a crime and have a good time.

There's endless drinks with dinner, so everyone is a winner, even the West Berliner.

When did you want to go to the Sleuth's Murder Mystery Show to determine who's friend or foe?

For more information on Sleuth's in Orlando, FL, visit The author of 100 books, Marisa Williams earned her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. For more by Marisa, visit and

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