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♥Sleepy Hollow- Possession, Sacrifice, Skinny Jeans & Epic Finale...

Sleepy Hollow - Hell Is Coming...
Sleepy Hollow - Hell Is Coming...
Photos courtesy FOX Network

To say fans are waiting with bated breath for the Season One finale of Sleepy Hollow is an understatement! FOX's newest hit is pulling out all the stops and if you thought the season couldn't get any better, think again!

Last week the series finally returned from a 4 week hiatus with "Vessel" and it was well worth the wait! Not only did the audience learn more about Jenny's story, but it strengthened the bond between the Mill's sisters and cemented those involved even more.

The episode, co-written by Mark Goffman and David McMillan (his first credit as a writer), began with the one thing fans have been clamoring to see- a wardrobe change for Crane. Twitter literally blew up when a very uncomfortable Crane walked out in a pair of skinny jeans! David McMillan had this to say:

"David McMillan ‏@DaveMcM23hThe alternative title of tonight's episode was called "Demons, Lanterns, and Skinny Jeans."#SleepyHollow"

Fans were a little conflicted by the moment:

"Cat ‏@Metta11 Jan 14@TomMison #sleepyholow #SkinnyJeans Just No! Hot but no. Keep Ichabod true to himself."

"RadiantHeart ‏@Poetica1313 Jan#SleepyHollow and @TomMison just blew up Twitter ...and my "Smahtphone" with his skinny jeans!!"

My theory? Abbie had been imagining our hero in those from day one! Of course Tom Mison calls them "the devil's trouser" but many beg to differ. As women everywhere fanned the flames, the moment was short lived when in protest, Crane re-emerged in his usual duds. I have a feeling that jacket is here to stay! "You have your way of dealing with reality and I have mine", Crane quickly returned. There was no time for argument as he redirected attention to the task at hand, still reeling from the threat by Moloch, "I touched her soul once. Soon it will be mine forever."

Meanwhile, Capt. Irving was left trying to put the pieces together after a stranger threatened his daughter in the park. The demon Moloch sent one if his minions who had possessed Jenny seven years earlier and spent time transferring from the woman in the park, to a deputy who calls Irving. "How much do you care for your daughter?" Irving realizes to his surprise, that the call is coming from inside the precinct! Blood dripping from the ceiling spelling 'bible' sends chills down his spine. Irving is completely unnerved as Moloch demands Washington's bible by sunset or he'll take his daughter's soul! Although he pinpoints the caller it's too late. The demon makes another transfer to our hottie Detective Jones!

At the archives, Abbie and Crane find a file from Sheriff Corbin's stash which describes a demon that jumps from one person to another. In a shocking twist, the video of the girl found possessed was Jenny! In a revealing moment between Jenny and Crane we learn that she was plagued by voices, as well as feelings to kill Abbie. In an effort to prevent herself from doing anything to her sister, Jenny sacrificed her freedom, committing crimes to get locked up. Both Crane and Abbie are touched to hear the real story behind the behavior- it was to protect her sister!

Panicked by Moloch's threats, Irving immediately takes his family to a safe house with Detectives Jones & Morales as back up. Little does he know that Moloch's minion is among them! By the time they get to the safe house, Jones touches Morales who becomes the demon. Although it's clear Jones appears to be out of it, Irving misses the clue. Unfortunately for Jones, Morales tricks him into removing salt from the threshold of the door, then promptly cracks his neck and flings him over the side of the porch!

As sunset grows near, Abbie, Crane & Jenny find a reference in one of the archives to a special lantern that can trap a demon, then send it back to Hell. Where to get one? Crane recalls seeing Ben Franklin with a couple of lanterns he'd found during his diplomatic trips, then Jenny leads them to a group of Doomsday planners she knows. With Jenny's help traversing the group's surveillance cameras on the property, Abbie and Crane break into the barn. Crane can't reach it but offers to hoist Abbie so she can. Let's just say there was definite sexual tension during this little Ichabbie moment! Of course they barely get out when the group confronts them with shotguns! However have no fear, it was Jenny to the rescue looking like Rambo with guns pointed at the trigger happy group. Old acquaintances, Jenny succeeds in convincing the group to let them leave and promises to bring it back when they're done.

Abbie, Crane & Jenny head to the safe house as they give Irving an update. The sun is quickly setting, he's terrified it's too late and giving in to Moloch's demand, wants to get the bible. Suddenly the call is interrupted by Morales or so he's Moloch! “Sundown is upon us. You failed.” Horrified, Irving races back into the safe house but it's too late! Morales is on the floor, Macy’s wheelchair is empty and his daughter's cry propels him to the living room where she floats 20 ft. in the air! “Times up…dad!” Although the priest arrives, he is easily killed with the twist of his neck! There's no negotiating with Moloch- Macy will lose her soul unless Irving gives him the bible. With no choice, he returns to the archives room however the bible is gone! Within a split second the demon grabs Cynthia by the neck and knocks out Irving!

Enter Jenny and Abbie. A showdown ensues as the demon tries to invoke old wounds within Jenny, but the Mill’s sisters are victorious and along with Crane's assistance they trap the demon in a ring of salt. Crane delivers the incantation and in a brilliant blast of light the demon is exorcised from Macy, cast back to Hell! Afterward, Jenny is clearly still reliving her own nightmare, completely in shock. In a rare moment she allows her sister to comfort her.

This episode was beautifully written, the voice-over special effects and makeup really did their job in making the possessions look more realistic versus cheesy. In this type of story it's easy to throw caution to the wind and go way over-the-top, however, the crew did an incredible job balancing it out just right. The creep factor was fully charged and I know of several fans, including myself, that had to sleep with the light on! What I loved about this episode is how much the Mill's sisters grew closer. Sleepy Hollow writers have consistently developed the characters throughout the season, which in a show like this, can sometime be discarded in favor of a superficial thrill-ride. They are aware how smart their audience is and knows the shows' longevity depends on deeply layered characters. While we've learned a lot in its' freshman season, there is still more to be uncovered and relationships developed.

So what's in store for the epic season one finale? Word is it will BLOW YOUR MIND! Many were able to watch a screening of the finale showdown and took to twitter to give fans a taste of what's to come:

"SleepyHollowSpy ‏@SleepyHollowSpy 8hGuys, we've just screened the 2 Hour #SleepyHollow Finale. O.M.G."

"Marisa Roffman ‏@marisaroffman 9hThe #SleepyHollow finale is the craziest two hours of the whole crazy-pants crazy first season. Orlando Jones said fans are going to "freak the eff out" over the #SleepyHollow finale. ( ) Um, he is NOT WRONG AT ALL."

The sneak peek trailer was released on Thursday, with the foreboding "Horsemen, Locusts and Zombie Washington Oh My!" Indeed! Seriously, Washington awakens from the dead? To say it's the craziest two hours might be the understatement of the year! However, I digress...

What I do know is we will finally catch a glimpse of Ichie's father, played by Victor Garber via flashbacks. I'm anxious to see these scenes and get another piece of Crane's background. We'll also learn exactly how Andy sold his soul to Moloch. For us Ichabbie fans, there will be flashbacks of moments and a few new ones. Of course John Noble returns as Henry Parrish during a quest to find an entrance from earth to Purgatory. It has been Crane's mission since his return to the living to release his beloved wife Katrina from her prison, thanks to Moloch. Sounds like the team has a plan to end it all for the sake of humanity! Abbie promises Crane she'll do whatever it takes to bring Katrina back to him- question is, do they succeed or is it a catastrophic failure? I have a feeling Ichabbie's future could be affected by the outcome. Orlando Jones warned on twitter:

"Orlando Jones ‏@TheOrlandoJones Jan 16"Sacrifices are made, worlds collide, & the town of #SleepyHollow will never be the same." The 2 hr finale airs Mon"

Enough said!

*Don't miss the amazing Season One finale beginning at 8pm on Monday January 20th. Some of the cast and crew will be live tweeting during both the east and west coast airings. Then be sure to tune in to RHeart's Sleepy Hollow Addicts with all the latest on the big night. We'll chat about the entire first season and what may be in store for Season Two!

*Need to catch up before the big finale? Watch on Hulu or FOX.

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