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♥Sleepy Hollow- One of 2013's Best...

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One of the biggest surprises of 2013 was FOX's much anticipated new rendition of Sleepy Hollow. Of course how can you go wrong with such an amazing cast including Tom Mison (Pop Insomniacs named Ichabod Crane as #2 for Best Male TV Characters in 2013), Nichole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Katia Winters, Lyndie Greenwood and John Noble? While some criticized the show's almost complete abandon of the original short story by William Irving penned 193 years ago, fans hungry for scifi/supernatural/mythology based serials latched on with fervor! Hulu just named Sleepy Hollow as one of the best series of the year and if you haven't seen it yet, now is the time to catch up before it returns January 13 with its' final 3 episodes of the year.

A little recap of Season One thus far...(*SPOILER ALERT- if you don't want to know what happened, STOP here & watch on Hulu)

The Backstory:

Ichabod Crane had defected from the Queen's regiment in England and began spying under General George Washington's command. In 1781 during the Revolutionary War, Washington tasked Crane with the mission to kill a man that bore a bow on the back of his hand. Upon coming face to face with his nemesis and the swift swipe of his axe, Death spliced open Crane's chest, however Crane had the last laugh when he beheaded the monster! So how can Crane and Death both be alive in present day after their duel demise centuries ago? Enter Crane's Wiccan wife Katrina who cast a spell then hid her husband in a cave so no one could find him. Unbeknownst to Crane, she had been working with the Free Mason's in their secret war against demons sent to hasten the End of Days which will signal the coming apocalypse. Knowing Crane was linked to Death, they wanted to kill their fellow Mason to ensure the threat of the End of Days and apocalypse would never come to fruition.

Present Day:

Fast forward 250 it is time for the demon Moloch to gather his minions to bring about the apocalypse. In preparation of the End of Days the demon resurrects the Horseman. Linked together by blood upon their deaths, Crane also awakens unaware what century he’s in and is immediately arrested on suspicion of murdering Sheriff Corbin of Sleepy Hollow.

Abbie & Jenny Mills:

As the story unfolds, it is learned that Sheriff Corbin's partner Abbie Mills and her sister Jenny had a vision as teenagers of four white trees and a demon while in the woods, sneaking beer after school. Although her sister Jenny told authorities what they saw, Abbie refused and continued to deny it afraid the orphans would be taken from their foster parents. As a result, Jenny was in and out of mental institutions but also covertly partnered with Sheriff Corbin to help him gather information involving the secret war. Unbeknownst to Abbie, Sheriff Corbin had been investigating supernatural and unexplained cases, tracking the progress in anticipation that one day the Horsemen would arrive. He kept secret files dating back to the Revolutionary War which Abbie found after his death. Now it appears Abbie and Crane are the two witnesses prophesied in "The Book of Revelations" that can save the world from the apocalypse.

Muloch & Death:

Another wrinkle is that the demon Muloch has trapped Crane's wife Katrina in Purgatory with other souls he's collected as a favor to Death. Why? In a major twist he turned out to be Abraham Van Brundt, Crane's best friend! Abraham and Katrina were set to marry when she called it off due to her love for Crane. In a fierce sword fight between friends, it all ends when Abraham is shot by red coats sent to retrieve information Crane and Abraham were bringing to George Washington. Crane escapes, however Abraham is transitioned into the horseman Death! While he arose to signal the coming of the End of Days, that's not the only thing he wants- he needs his head to accomplish it and though Muloch demands the horseman keep Crane alive, Death wants revenge! After luring the Headless Horseman to a secret bunker underneath Sleepy Hollow built by Thomas Jefferson, Crane, Abbie and Capt. Irving capture the Headless Horseman! Victory is short lived as Muloch's minions rescue him, effectively catapulting the beast back to his master.

Captain Irving:

The Captain arrived after Sheriff Corbin's untimely demise at the hands of the Headless Horseman. Initially clearly in disbelief, he didn't know what to think about Abbie and Crane's crazy story that a Headless Horseman was roaming around Sleepy Hollow or that they were the two witnesses in the "Book of Revelations" set to stop the coming apocalypse. However, after a near beheading himself by Death he had no choice but to join the secret fight. Irving is divorced but has a daughter named Macy who was tragically paralyzed after a car accident, now bound to a wheelchair. Things between her parents have been rocky and last we saw his ex warned she would file for sole custody if Irving doesn't start putting his daughter first before his career. We have yet to learn the details surrounding Macy's unfortunate accident- could Moloch be responsible for the accident and is he after Irving's daughter? It would definitely make him more invested in helping Crane and Abbie.

Henry Parrish:

Henry Parrish came into the picture as the 'Sin Eater', a man with the power to detect and remove sins from those needing to be sanctified. Though reluctant to get involved, he effectively, permanently separated Ichabod and Death's blood link. Crane and Abbie have recruited him to join their secret war, so expect to see a lot more of him in season two.

Jeremy Crane:

Not only did Crane not realize his wife was a witch, but she also kept the fact they had a son together from him. Although her Coven was fighting the good fight against the demons, they were hell-bent on punishing Katrina after she refused to tell them where she buried her husband. Unwilling to expose their son to a life on the run, she gave up Jeremy to the town priest and Abbie's ancestor to raise but not before leaving a doll to protect him. Unfortunately Jeremy possessed Katrina's special powers and though only an infant, he caused a fire which killed his adoptive parents. Thrust into an orphanage, facing daily abuse, his blood brought the doll to life- 'The Golem', a murderous creature who went to any lengths to protect Jeremy. Although Katrina's Coven tried to bring Jeremy into the fold, he refused so they banished the beast to Purgatory, cast a hex on the boy which stopped his heart and then buried him. Could Jeremy arise and join his father in the fight since he's only under a spell?


While it is clear Crane is in love with his wife Katrina, much like a Gothic romance they are separated by time and death. She's trapped in Purgatory, he's alive in the 21st century and even if Crane is able to release Katrina from her other-worldly prison, how could they possibly be together? Thus far she's been able to make contact via visions, but how long will this continue?

Before Crane dropped into Abbie's life, she was set to leave Sleepy Hollow for D.C. after being recruited by the FBI as a Criminal Profiler. She had dumped her long-time beau Detective Moralez due to her impending move, however though she decided to stay and fight the good fight with Crane, she has yet to reconcile with Moralez who is jealous of her relationship/partnership with Crane. Question is, will he try to get her back and how could Abbie have a relationship with him while fighting a secret war? Now that she has this new mission with Crane, does she even want to rekindle her relationship with Moralez? She has definitely developed a strong friendship with Crane- could there be more to it?

Throughout the first season it has been refreshing to see Crane and Abbie's friendship develop. It reminds me a lot of the XFiles Mulder and Scully, two people thrust into a shared destiny that only they can uncover. Although Captain Irving and Jenny Mills are in the know, along with Henry Parrish, ultimately it's their journey together. Crane and Abbie were destined by fate, connected not only as the two witnesses in the "Book of Revelations", but also by distant relatives. It was Abbie's ancestor that helped Katrina bring Crane's son into the world and escape Moloch's minion. When all is said and done, Crane and Abbie will really only have each other.

Fans excited by the two romances are shipping their favorite couple and there is a definite split among them- those that love Katrane and others rooting for Icabbie. This fan is firmly in Icabbie's court!

Season One Finale

Before the Christmas break, "The Golem" ended with Moloch's vow to Crane he was coming for Abbie's soul- "Your death is assured, you and the 2nd witness. I touched her soul once and soon it will be mine forever and you will give it to me." But is it Abbie's soul or is it someone else's involved in fighting the secret war? In "The Golem" a stranger asked Capt. Irving if his daughter Macy was strong enough to fight for her soul. Of course he had no idea why this person would ask him that out of the blue and completely lost it. The stranger was possessed, "God may have a plan, but so do we." Could it be Macy's soul that is in jeopardy or was Moloch referring to Abbie's sister Jenny, not Abbie? It all remains to be seen.

Sleepy Hollow returns January 13 with "Vessel" and in a Press Release posted by SpoilerTV FOX warned demons could be closing in:

"When Capt. Iriving's daughter, Macy, becomes the target of evil forces, he makes a desperate plea to Crane and Mills for help, and seeks answers that lie within Washington's Bible. Meanwhile, a frightening chapter of Jenny's past is revealed in the all-new "The Vessel" episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Monday, Jan. 13 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (SLH-111) (TV-14 L, V)"

I guess we'll have to wait until the 13th for answers, but it will lead into the season one finale set to air Monday January 20 with two back to back episodes "The Indispensable Man" and "Bad Blood". We do know that Victor Garber has been cast as Crane's father, so expect more of Ichabod's background via flashbacks and John Noble will also return as Henry Parrish.

It's been an amazing first season. If the shows' first nomination for a People's Choice Award as the favorite new television drama is any indication, fans are obsessed and want it to stay! Vote for Sleepy Hollow...

All I can say is it's been a very long hiatus and will be an excruciating wait until season two, but if you're going through withdrawals like I am, be sure to listen to RHeart's Sleepy Hollow Addicts Monday January 6 at 10pm (ET). I'll be chatting with Special Guest Danny Rawley who won the role as teenage Jeremy Crane. We'll find out his take on the hit series, how he got the role and could he possibly return since Jeremy is only under a hex? Tune in on Monday to find out!

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