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'Sleepy Hollow': John Noble, Katia Winter and Roberto Orci preview season 2

Can Jeremy have a redemption story? That's just one of the questions that was posed to executive producer Roberto Orci and series stars Katia Winter and John Noble when they sat down for a roundtable with press at San Diego Comic-Con to preview "Sleepy Hollow" season 2, and on Tuesday, Aug. 5, we uploaded that video interview.

 Roberto Orci, Katia Winter and John Noble in the 'Sleepy Hollow' press room at SDCC 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video above or here for a tease of what's to come in the fall. Plus, keep reading for the highlights from Orci, Winter and Noble about new monsters, temptations and more.

Noble thinks there is potential for a redemption story for Jeremy, but "how and when that will play out is the writer's challenge." Orci then added, "These are human beings, so as evil as war can seem, it's also a creation of humanity. Peace is also a creation of humanity, so the idea of can these human beings ultimately defeat the temptations of anger and the supernatural and Moloch and stuff, that's the dramatic tension that we hope to tease out for as long as is viable and right." He concluded by joking, "Personally I think it's all going to be fine."

Meanwhile, Katrina just hopes to get through to her son. "She's fighting to reach her son, and she thinks there's still humanity there," Winter explained. "She's not going to give him up. …It's tricky because I am stuck with the Headless Horseman, who also seems to be evil and I see him as my old fiancé. …I'm right in the middle of all of it." Noble chimed in with, "She has this incredible strength, which is going to be revealed as well."

As for the new monsters in season 2, get ready to see them take their own spin of mythological creatures you'll be familiar with, including the Pied Piper, whom Orci and Winter both called "creepy." The EP also teased "the opposite of the Headless Horseman, who is called the Kindred" and said of the show's monsters, "They have history. They have roots in a lot of the cultures we all know, then we give them our own spin. They're the cream of the crop. They're Top 40 monsters."

Check out the video for more from Roberto Orci, Katia Winter and John Noble. "Sleepy Hollow" season 2 premieres Monday, Sept. 22 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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