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Sleepy Hollow – a Tiny Reflection of Parenting

Being around dead souls is almost as complex as text messaging.
Being around dead souls is almost as complex as text messaging.
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If you are not a fan of the television show Sleepy Hollow, it’s not too late to become one! It is the perfect combination of humor and seriousness and fact and fiction.

The series finale did not disappoint. Once again, the two-hour episode combined those elements perfectly. One thing that tipped the funny scale happened within the very first few minutes.

One of the two main characters – Lt. Abbie Mills – is in a constant and continuous struggle to bring the other main character – Ichabod Crane – into this century (considering he just woke up after 200 years). Like when he sees bottled water for the first time and thinks it is ludicrous that we pay for water that is free from the tap, until he hears what toxins could be in the tap water and he laments what our generation has done to the planet.

So, Abbie sends a message to Crane on the phone and he actually sends her a text message back! However, he sends this:

More telescope conception?
Store cellophane recession?

Have you ever sent a phone message or text to your kids asking for information and gotten something back that resembles one of those first two lines? Or, better yet, a one-word response that doesn’t resemble any kind of answer to your question?

Parenting is filled with endless opportunities for communication. Oftentimes, those opportunities are rushed or interrupted or distorted. But we keep trying because those moments when the conversation is flowing and our kids are fully involved make it all worthwhile!

What are your thoughts on communication between parents and kids? Leave a comment below.

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