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Sleepwear, Boating, and Beachwear OH MY!! Duffield Lane Spotlight

Duffield Lane Loungewear, Sleepwear, & Beachwear
Duffield Lane Loungewear, Sleepwear, & Beachwear
Duffield Lane Loungewear

Duffield Lane has hit the preppy trend on the head for women this summer by bringing us stylish comfortable clothes for all of life's happiest times. Whether you are relaxing on the beach, shopping with the girls or just hanging around the house and going to bed Duffield Lane has the perfect piece for you. They utilize classic silhouettes with a preppy meets chic style to bring you designs that are fun, flattering and extremely comfortable.So throw on your DLs and run that errand, pick the kids up, head to the beach, stop by that cocktail party or just snuggle up in front of the fire with a good book. No matter what you do your DLs will keep you looking fantastic!

The retailers story began during the Christmas season of 2012, when Jamie, Duffield Lane's founder, and her mom Barrie shopped for their traditional gift of Christmas eve pajamas. Unlike past years, when they were satisfied with flannel pants printed with giant candy canes, they were looking for something more, something they would wear past December 25. Unfortunately the options were slim. While a few companies produced classic pajamas they were clearly an afterthought, with limited runs of limited sizes and colors. What was frustrating at first materialized into the concept for Duffield Lane. The companies goal is to provide you the sleepwear and loungewear options that they could not find. Multiple choices that are all cute and all mix and match. No need to commit to a set of medium pajamas to get bottoms that fit leaving you with a top too big, and no need to wear your santa pjs December though March. Duffield Lane is also designed to go beyond the bedroom.

You can easily mix and match pieces throughout the Duffield Lane coordinated collections with their signature bold trim and soft fabric to create a look all your own. Now the only question is where will you wear your DL's?

Please see the website at to purchase your Duffield Lane sets today!