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Sleepless in...Denver? False prophesy predicts wrong Super Bowl winner

On a poster, David E. Taylor wrongly predicts the Super Bowl XLVIII winner and score
On a poster, David E. Taylor wrongly predicts the Super Bowl XLVIII winner and score
David E. Taylor

Oh the places you'll go...-Dr. Seuss

The fallout from Memphis preacher David Taylor's errant prophecy has gone in all directions; one such direction...HAYWIRE! In one of the most 'seussical' goofs in ages, Taylor wrongly prophesied that the Denver Broncos would win Super Bowl XLVIII 24-21 over the Seattle Seahawks. Not only did he create a video, he created a banner to with the final score,which was later met with badinage all over social media!

Before halftime, David Taylor's prophecy was out the window, along with any semblance of Christian credibilty. Taylor announced that he was given information from a 'friend' concerning Super Bowl XLVIII. In the video (which has since been removed) on his Youtube channel, Taylor announced that he had been made privy to a prophecy concerning the game's outcome! In fact, in today's culture of 'one-upmanship' that is protruding most ministries, this boastful prediction and banner are par for the course.

God is 'forecasting the future'

Taylor has made quite a name for himself, and God's forecast. According to his site, he has correctly 'forecasted' a sex trafficking ring bust and a major drug bust in Orlando, among other dream interpretations. Taylor has proven pretty accurate and is used to celebrating his accuracy via social media-the banner comes as no surprise!

What Taylor did say that makes the situation and his motives even more questionable is the fact that this 'friend' whose dream it is remains anonymous! Even in his apology (of sorts), Taylor references the 'friend' as an otherwise reputable source of vision.

He also says that he will continue his ministry and move forward. While this 'mistake' isn't going away any time soon, neither is Taylor. The video has since been removed from his Youtube channel but he has lined his facebook wall with past videos of ministry and prophecy to reinforce his accuracy.

David Taylor predicts Barack Obama's second term

Without becoming consumed with exploring his video catalog and ministry archives, it's rather difficult to exact an accurate opinion on Minister Taylor.

I See it, you see it...we all see it!

Some of Taylor's prophecy/predictions merely contain information that is in most cases readily available to the public. In his video detailing the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election, Taylor's dream eerily reflected inescapable political rhetoric (referencing Mitt Romney's disconnect to certain demographics). In fact, if you look the mannerisms, Taylor's 'predictions' are not much more than assumptions based on what's been presented somewhere already. Many times, his predictions and dream interpretations sound more like news analysis than anything divine. many of us have them...?!?

He'll need to expand his circle of friends following this dubious debacle! The 'friend' referenced in the video remains anonymous, even in the apology. In fact, Taylor has no problem sharing what his 'friends' share with him pretty regularly. Friends are great to have! Face it, without great friends the video may have never been seen after last night! Without friends, you may have never seen that pretentious poster strewn across social media today!

In what should be a learning moment for ministries everywhere is nearly a blip on the radar. Lump this football fiasco in with the rest of the end time and other unfulfilled prophecies clogging up the internet!

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